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HOLIDAYMAKERS TAKING STATINS FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ARE BEING PENALISED BY TRAVEL INSURANCE COMPANIES CHARGING UP TO DOUBLE FOR THEIR COVER: People who admit they have high cholesterol when applying for travel insurance are being charged up to twice as much for cover. Experts say the price hikes are not justified by the risk.

HALF OF ADULTS DO NO EXERCISE AT ALL: BEING FIT AND HEALTHY IS NOT ‘AN INTEGRAL PART OF PEOPLE’S LIVES’, SURVEY FINDS: A new survey, by David Lloyd Leisure and the British Heart Foundation, found that 44 per cent of adults admit to doing no exercise whatsoever.

GOT A PROBLEM AND WANT A PLACE TO START? Welcome to the health compendium that should be in every household! The leading contemporary diseases, what they are, what the causes are, how to avoid them, and what to do if you’ve got them. In this enthralling work, British health reporter Phillip Day catalogues the problems and offers bullet-point strategies to combat today’s leading killer diseases and many other non-fatal disorders. These are tactics used by some of the most successful clinics in the world today.

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