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USE THREE LITTLE WORDS TO REDUCE YOUR ANXIETY: When you’re faced with an anxiety-inducing situation, say giving a public speech, your heart is likely pounding and levels of the stress-hormone cortisol rise. In short, you’re in a hyped-up state of arousal, and simply telling yourself to relax may be too big of a leap for your body and mind to make.

TREATING DEPRESSION, BOOSTING VITAMIN D IMPROVES HEART HEALTH, STUDIES SHOW: Taking steps to recover from depression and boost vitamin D levels may improve heart health, according to new research. The findings were contained in two studies presented at the American College of Cardiology conference in Chicago on Saturday (local time)

IT’S NEARLY IDENTICAL TO HEROIN, YET DOCTORS RECOMMEND IT: It seems your doctors, even if they don’t realize it, could be promoting the heroin epidemic. And the results are disastrous, with more than 46,000 dying from drug overdoses in 2013 alone. Please, if you’re offered this, say no – and try these 19 alternatives first…

EXERCISE HELPS SHRINK TUMORS AND COMBATS CANCER IN MANY WAYS: Compelling evidence suggests exercise is an important component of cancer prevention and care; slashing your risk of developing cancer, improving your chances of successful recuperation, and diminishing your risk of cancer recurrence.