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URINE OF VERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT TESTED FOUND TO BE HEAVILY CONTAMINATED WITH GLYPHOSATE WEED KILLER: Spearheaded by the Green Party in the European Parliament – who are hoping for a ban on the toxic herbicide across the EU – the experiment found that on average the MEPs each had 1.7 micrograms/liter of glyphosate in their urine – which is 17 times higher than that found in European drinking water (on average 0.1 microgram/liter).

SKIP YOUR REGULAR WORKOUT AND DO THIS INSTEAD: Produced incredible strength gains of 50 percent in just 60 days. The results were so staggering that the study author had them verified at Virginia Tech. Find out what this could mean for you today.

CAN PROPER DIET AND EXERCISE GUARANTEE YOU WON’T HAVE A HEART ATTACK? Poor diet and inactivity are two of the biggest risk factors for a heart attack. Yet, some people have suffered a major heart attack despite eating right and exercising regularly. What are the real secrets to avoiding a heart attack?

USE THREE LITTLE WORDS TO REDUCE YOUR ANXIETY: When you’re faced with an anxiety-inducing situation, say giving a public speech, your heart is likely pounding and levels of the stress-hormone cortisol rise. In short, you’re in a hyped-up state of arousal, and simply telling yourself to relax may be too big of a leap for your body and mind to make.