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CDC ADMITS FLU VACCINE DOES NOT WORK – INFLUENZA OUTBREAK ON FULLY VACCINATED NAVY SHIP: Need proof that the seasonal flu vaccine is not effective? Look no further than the CDC’s own publication admitting the fact: Influenza Outbreak in a Vaccinated Population. Earlier this year (2014) the CDC published a report documenting an influenza outbreak which occurred among fully vaccinated navy personnel aboard the USS Ardent.

MORE THAN 100,000 ANTI-PSYCHOTIC SCRIPTS WRITTEN FOR KIDS LAST YEAR: The new figures revealed by the ABC show that at least 100,000 Australian children have been prescribed anti-psychotic medication in the past year.

CDC AND ADA NOW ADVISE TO AVOID USING FLUORIDE: Exposure to high levels of fluoride results in a condition known as fluorosis, in which tooth enamel becomes discolored. The condition can eventually lead to badly damaged teeth. The new study found that fluoride intake during a child’s first few years of life is significantly associated with fluorosis, and warned against using fluoridated water in infant formula.

ALL ABOUT BONE BROTHS: Chicken soup isn’t just good for the soul: there’s a reason that it’s prescribed by doctors and mothers alike when you’re feeling under the weather. All bone broths beef, chicken, fish, lamb and more are staples in the traditional diets of every culture and the basis of all fine cuisine. That’s because bone broths are nutrient-dense, easy to digest, rich in flavour, and they boost healing.