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PRESCRIPTIONS DRUGS NOW THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH BY OVERDOSE: The shocking truth conveyed by this article’s headline is that “nearly 52 percent of the deaths were related to prescription drugs.” The unfortunate circumstance around so many prescription drug overdoses is that most victims never even knew they OD’d.

VITAMIN C SHOWN TO ANNIHILATE CANCER: (NaturalNews) Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant and is commonly used to fight off a cold. Recent studies have cast a much brighter light on this underrated and extremely necessary vitamin.

NZ MINISTER OKAYS MEDICINAL MARIJUANA FOR TEEN: Nineteen-year-old Alex Renton, from Nelson, is in Wellington Hospital suffering from refractory status epilepticus, which causes him to suffer from repeated seizures. Capital and Coast District Health Board applied to the Ministry of Health and Mr Dunne to use Elixinol, a cannabis-based product from the US which had been shown to relieve some forms of epilepsy.

GOT A PROBLEM AND WANT A PLACE TO START? Welcome to the health compendium that should be in every household! The leading contemporary diseases, what they are, what the causes are, how to avoid them, and what to do if you’ve got them. In this enthralling work, British health reporter Phillip Day catalogues the problems and offers bullet-point strategies to combat today’s leading killer diseases and many other non-fatal disorders. These are tactics used by some of the most successful clinics in the world today.