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IT’S NEARLY IDENTICAL TO HEROIN, YET DOCTORS RECOMMEND IT: It seems your doctors, even if they don’t realize it, could be promoting the heroin epidemic. And the results are disastrous, with more than 46,000 dying from drug overdoses in 2013 alone. Please, if you’re offered this, say no – and try these 19 alternatives first…

SACRAMENTO OFFICIALS CAUGHT SECRETLY ADDING CANCER-CAUSING CHEMICALS TO THE WATER SUPPLY: Between 2013 and 2014, the City of Sacramento began quietly adding a chemical known as aluminum chlorohydrate, or ACH, to the public water supply in a supposed effort to save money on water purification. ACH was never properly safety tested, and in fact was known at the time to cause cancer, miscarriages and birth defects when ingested or inhaled.

DOES THE FLU JAB ACTUALLY WORK? THE VACCINATION COSTS THE NHS £100 MILLION, BUT LAST YEAR IT WAS WORRYINGLY INEFFECTIVE. NOW TAKE-UP’S FALLING: As the influenza season takes hold, official figures show the number of people being vaccinated against it is low

HALF OF ADULTS DO NO EXERCISE AT ALL: BEING FIT AND HEALTHY IS NOT ‘AN INTEGRAL PART OF PEOPLE’S LIVES’, SURVEY FINDS: A new survey, by David Lloyd Leisure and the British Heart Foundation, found that 44 per cent of adults admit to doing no exercise whatsoever.