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EClub Healthy News issue 31 Aug 3rd 2012

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UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL: A brief introduction to this week's EClub Healthy News bulletin by Phillip Day.
OSCARS ALL ROUND FOR A SPECTACULAR FEELGOOD FANTASY OF MODERN BRITAIN: The British people desperately want to have pride in their country. With so many of the ties that once bound them to their homeland now snapped, they nevertheless still yearn to belong to, and share, an inspiring national project...Also, LONDON 2012: IT'S THE CLOSING CEREMONY AND HERE COMES TEAM GBH!


HAVING SEEN THE EVIDENCE, I DON'T TOUCH FIZZY DRINKS ANY MORE. FRANKLY THEY'RE EVIL, SAYS LEADING BIOLOGIST: Those are the words of a biological scientist Dr Hans-Peter Kubis, who's just led a study into what soft drinks do to our bodies. When you read what he discovered, you may feel the same.




ATTACK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: In 2002, CTM and Credence opened up research into the destructive effects of Outcome Based Education and a myriad of psychiatrically driven initiatives designed to destroy the concept of right and wrong. One such area is the nonsensical system of social and professional control known as 'political correctness'...



AUTISM: PHILLIP DAY discusses this condition and various possible causes and treatments in an excerpt from the book The ABC's of Disease.


DR. FENTON, WHAT PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS DID YOU GIVE COLORADO SHOOTER JAMES HOLMES? (NaturalNews) The news is out. As many suspected, James Holmes did have a psychiatrist. Her name is Dr. Lynne Fenton, and she is the medical director of student health services at the Anschutz campus of the U of Colorado, where Holmes was a graduate student...


HELP STOP GM PUSH BY EUROPEAN COMMISSION: Long-suffering citizens of the European Union (EU) could be forgiven for asking what they have to do to make the genetically modified (GM) nightmare go away. Like the great white shark immortalised in Jaws and its sequels, GM is about to be back on the agenda in a big way, just when most Europeans probably thought it was safe to venture once more into the murky waters of supermarket shopping.



TRUST WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE, NOT WHAT YOU HEAR: (ANH) The ultimate irony is that the abundance of positive outcomes we’ve so often witnessed is brought about by systems of healthcare that are – in effect – illegal in Europe. On the one hand, the products employed may be considered unlicensed medicines simply because they have profound effects on health. At the same time, professional bodies overseeing practitioners, particularly medical doctors, consider such treatments unproven.