The Cabal's war to scare world populations into accepting a New World Order under cover of a fake global pandemic intensifies. The original COVID pandemic floundered (the regular flu season failed to come up with the required death count), so a race war is abruptly thrust upon us to divert the world's attention.

Of course, missed by most, a number of whom experienced emotional problems in lockdown, has been the strange anomaly that this virus is apparently so smart that it attacks people in churches, shops, workplaces and at the beach (or Trump rallies), but won't affect you if you and hundreds of others riot in large, closely packed groups on behalf of George Soros- sorry, Floyd- and Black Lives Matter.

Alas, the race riots failed too, chiefly because by and large your average person isn't a racist. So Play #3 was a cultural Marxist insurrection that tore down wicked statues of racist white people in every city. That too is failing, at least in America, after Trump signed an executive order to lock up perpetrators for 10 years. So now we're at Play #4, or Scamdemic 2.0, as I call it, the dreaded SECOND WAVE.

In between calling his meetings with Jeffrey Epstein a mistake, Bill Gates warns with a smirk that the killer virus is sure to get our attention this time, but admits the final hurdle to distributing a COVID-19 vaccine will be convincing the people to TAKE IT. Still, we can rest assured that COVID-19 'will be back in big numbers' in October-November when US temperatures drop, defying any previous immunity gained, because that cannot possibly happen. Which means, to be absolutely safe, you've got to get the Gates GMO/RNA vaccine, and they've got to - shoot it into your kid's arms too.

Melinda Gates helpfully pipes up that black people must be first in line to receive COVID-19 vaccine, which sets Twitter ablaze. The things is, the sheeple are waking up quickly around the world, which is what totalitarians fear the most. A Washington state sheriff openly urges residents to defy his state's mask order. The British government is currently being sued for excessive lockdown restrictions. Boris has been caught out in a lie by saying he didn't really order the closure of schools, but he did. And were the coronavirus lockdown regulations even lawful?

As for testing, evidence emerges that COVID-19 PCR tests are not only scientifically meaningless, they seem suspiciously able to throw up positives, even when tested on papayas and goats, or found to be pre-contaminated. And what about other ruses to build up a pandemic?

It's all falling apart for the evil ones.

Scientists are now openly talking about the COVID lies that were sold to us as science: That over 95% of UK COVID-19 deaths had one or more pre-existing conditions. That there's an unsettling relationship between influenza vaccination and COVID-19 mortality. One British holidaymaker on a packed beach even has the temerity to state that he's not worried about lack of social distancing because 'I don't know anyone that's had COVID, so it doesn't really matter'.

What are Global Villains to do now?

Answer: Crank up the Second Wave fear factor, using your paid lackies in the lamestream media, viz:

BREAKING NEWS! There's a new pig virus in China with the potential to be as fatal, if not more so, than the 1918 Spanish Flu - 'epidemic' - !!!!!

Sorry - The 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic?

Or maybe -


No? OK, here's a sure-fire hit -

SCIENTISTS JUST BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND THE MANY HEALTH PROBLEMS CAUSED BY COVID-19 - "We thought this was only a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the pancreas. It goes after the heart. It goes after the liver, the brain, the kidney and other organs!!!!"

Really? Goes after your dog too?

Meanwhile, the recently woke sheeple are discovering for themselves unsettling evidence behind the scam:

England Has 250,000 More Autistics in 15 years - 1 in 21 English schoolboys is now autistic official education department government statistics indicate. US Federal vaccine damage payouts now total $4.03 BN as of June 1, 2020 (and that's just America). No figures available for the UK that I've been able to find. There's a cancer - epidemic - in girls who received the HPV Gardasil vaccine. But that's a conspiracy theory, right? Right? Fewer children dying during COVID? How come?

Dark deeds are afoot but justice is coming. There's been - 'MURDER BY LOCKDOWN' - details from a dozen countries. A California journalist rips into authorities and his rant goes viral. Apprehension over emerging from lockdown far exceeds any imagined risk. Unbelievable lies, deceits and consequences.

There's a coronavirus second wave in Australia, yet magically Victoria records zero regular flu deaths this year. How does that work? And what about Public Health England and those school swabs?

And for those reading this still walking around with germ-filled, damp nappies stuck to their faces believing that will save them, here's THE ULTIMATE MASK REBUTTAL!!! Be free!!

So, what's the Cabal's Play #5? Expect something big.

Last week I told you Hollywood figures had produced documentaries and made statements indicating the longstanding existence of Satanic paedophile rings operating in the entertainment industry as well as in global politics. We'd seen visible, mainstream evidence of sexual impropriety in general with Weinstein, Epstein, Savile, Harris and suspicions levelled at famous figures connected to them, including Prince Andrew. Journalists who have tried to uncover this nest of vipers have often met with sticky ends.

Today as I write this, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend and 'madam' to the rich and famous, was arrested by the FBI in New Hampshire.

So the Cabal's Play #5 will have to be spectacular enough to divert the world's attention from what follows.

Who knows? An alien invasion?