Well, a little bird did tweet that it would be a hot August.

The Cabal’s war to scare world populations into accepting a Communist global New World Order (the “New Normal”) under cover of a fake global COVID pandemic has moved into a full-view BOOM phase this week – literally - with the huge explosion in Beirut, a gas explosion in North Korea, a major fire in the UAE, another conflagration in Najaf, Iraq, the World Trade Center fire in Brussels, and this weird stuff happening in Shenyang, China. The Deep State is in panic mode. More about all this in a minute.


Continue to dehumanise those wearing them. Take them off and get up off your knees. The evil ones are driving national governments to keep you all in a condition of perpetual alarm over the fake ‘coronavirus’, which holds the zombies and sheep in its perpetual thrall. Keeping the herd confused is the order of the day. First, it’s ”Don’t whatever you do wear masks! They are symbolic!” They won’t save you! Then it’s, “You MUST wear masks absolutely everywhere five months after the start of the pandemic! And in certain areas even in your own home! Put on goggles too! You are moral! You are good! Wear that mask! This could go on for years!”

The sheep obey, no order too stupid. Many are too dull to realise there is NO LAW for all this, at least in Britain. Many are so mind-controlled now they don’t even care. But my family is out and about this week, in and out of shops (my 11 y/o wants to buy EVERYTHING). We’re wearing no masks and talking to lots of people. Increasing numbers are telling Boris and Handcock to get stuffed, they know it’s a complete scam, and shops are not turning anyone away, desperate as they are for the business.

One elderly gentleman did try to protest that I wasn’t wearing a face nappy in Sainsburys, to which I politely replied that I am prone to panic attacks when things cover my face, during which I become unreasonably violent. He was kind enough to understand, and shuffled off in a hurry, no doubt to avoid missing out on the 70%-off bargains available in Maidstone’s shattered High Street.

In what looks suspiciously like a prophecy, Britons are told riots ‘worse than 2011’ could hit Britain 'in days' over new COVID-19 lockdowns. Yes, that Second Wave we’ve all been waiting for, which survives 90-degree temperatures, doesn’t attack people in BLM protests or Walmart, but can absolutely slay you in churches, so no hymn-singing for you, Edith.

Authorities in Greater Manchester declare a 'major incident' following recent rises in coronavirus infection rates. What rubbish. There are around 30 ‘new cases’ out of 100,000 people there, determined through fraudulent testing, so this ‘justifies’ another lockdown. Fewer and fewer people are falling for this tosh, however. National treasure Katie Hopkins tells it how it is.

Elsewhere, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti authorises the city to shut off power and water to any houses or businesses hosting any ‘unauthorized large gatherings or parties’. Gotta love those Demoncrats. More fake testing across America in general has seen a second wave all right – of people who don’t even take the test, who are contacted and told they have a positive test result.

Meanwhile in the Chinese Communist Republic of Victoria, Australia, Melbourne cops may now enter your home without warrant, after 11 people ‘die of COVID’. Spot checks and takedowns are carried out on citizens exercising their constitutional rights. Way to go, Melbourne Stasi. Alan Jones is furious at the Aussie apathy.

Of course, governments can’t be trusted over anything ‘COVID’. They should just come out and tell everyone, “We’re turning you into a Marxist state. Be grateful the virus doesn’t get you. Ha ha ha ha ha!” In Britain, thousands of coronavirus deaths 'will be wiped off the government's official toll' after an urgent review into the counting fiasco, which included in the toll people who had recovered and died of other causes. Like motorcycle accidents.

In America, the corrupt Centers for Disease Control director acknowledges hospitals have a monetary incentive to over-count coronavirus deaths. Wha-at? As for keeping the natives compliant, ‘soft influencing’ measures were planned in detail as far back as November’s ‘Event 201’ (aka the COVID dress rehearsal), using (sigh) celebrities. This is the first you’ve heard of that, right?

It matters not, citizens all over the world are now pushing back, many in their own ways. Have you started pushing back yet? What are you waiting for? What’s it going to take to get you off the donuts and into the war? Divided WE are weak! Together WE are Strong! All you have to do is Stand Up! THIS IS THE LESSON WE MUST LEARN AND TEACH TO OUR CHILDREN in future generations so we don’t have a repeat.

While dutiful sheep feed at the trough to giggles from the awakened, citizens are out in London en masse in protest over just about everything. Germans, who always do things better, were out in their tens of thousands in Berlin for their ‘End of the Pandemic' march. Ausgezeichnet, People!

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are going to prison,” storms Del Bigtree.

“We're the good guys, and good guys win!” snaps Dr Vernon Coleman.

Frontline medic Dr Simone Gold, one of the doctors subsequently fired for taking part in the ‘White Coat Summit’ on the US Capitol steps, has hired a top lawyer to go to war against her peers. We can all take heart from what this courageous lady has to say on the Glenn Beck Show. But the real worry, of course - that ‘rook in the eves’ which has everyone on tentahooks - is THE VACCINE.

“What am I going to do about the vaccine?”

Bill Gates tells us the COVID vaccine will permanently alter our RNA/DNA with nano technology. In other words, you will no longer be you. Other sources state that because there won’t be adequate time to safety-test the shot, manufacturers such as AstraZeneca will be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries.

Can’t tell you what a comfort that is to me. But then, I’m not taking the vaccine. Ever. Nor are any of my family. And neither should you if you know what’s good for you. The CDC - or as I call them, This Criminal Enterprise - has already been warning the public that an outbreak of ‘life-threatening acute flaccid myelitis’ can be expected in children in the near future. The truth is leaking out. The EU is preparing moves to vaccinate as quickly as possible without a glimmer of transparency. Here is a glimpse of that future. Thanks, World Economic Forum.

Bill Gates is never comfortable when pressed to explain vaccine reactions. Robert Kennedy Jr has been warning the world for years that the vaccine industry has been running amok. There’s an almost feverish impulse behind the evil ones to train the public (with masks) to accept the vaccine when it comes, and woe betide those who refuse. A bleak picture indeed. Is there no hope?

Of course, but the world must awaken to what’s been done to it. You may recall President Trump made positive statements about the drug Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) a few months back, which the White Coat Summit doctors and others confirmed was a highly effective treatment for SARS-type infections, along with zinc sulphate and azithromycin (aka ‘triple pack’). The mainstream media, along with Anthony Fauci, predictably went into screaming conniptions and universally condemned HCQ as dangerous, and of course maligned the President and doctors for daring to say this.

From Trump’s very first mention of HCQ months ago, war was declared by the Cabal players on HCQ. “HCQ was dangerous and increased the risk of death in patients treated with it.” A study purporting to show this, however, was subsequently retracted. Twitter blocked Trump’s tweet. Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter censored the viral video of the Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus press conference.

Then, in a separate spat, after President Trump claimed children were 'almost immune' to coronavirus, and thus could safely return to school in September, Facebook removed the President’s post this week and Twitter suspended Trump’s campaign account for sharing the same statement. Everyone sucked in their breath. Trump had set a double trap, and once again the arrogant, treasonous corporate and social media blundered right into it.

Say what?

Firstly, Anthony Fauci knows HCQ is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread, and so does Birx, the scarf lady. As director of the National Institutes of Health, Fauci is very familiar with a study in 2005 which concluded just that. Which means, of course, that “Dr. Fauci has known for 15 years that chloroquine and its even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine.

Can you see now why the vaccine industry hates HCQ? It’s cents per day to administer, and just rendered the COVID vaccine industry unnecessary. Is Fauci therefore on the hook for the tens of thousands who needlessly died? You bet.

Trump has also blindsided the vaccine-toting Cabal using their Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) own regulations against them: One of the qualifying criteria for getting Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for a vaccine is that there must be no adequate, approved, and alternative available.

Trump was also correct in his statement that children have next to no chance of dying from CV-19. They are in fact harmed for life by social distancing, which has its roots in – wait for it - CIA torture techniques. So in censoring the President on these statements, Facebook and Twitter are now in terminal trouble, and we shall not have long to wait for the President’s response and action against these Marxist agitators.

But all this COVID stuff is a cover for a far bigger and appalling picture starting to unfold.

While the world has been distracted hiding behind their masks, do you know about one of the biggest industries on Earth – human trafficking? Were you aware that THIS has happened in the Epstein-Maxwell paedophile saga? This is just in America, and not even the beginning of what will unfold. Prince Andrew and prominent US attorney Alan Dershowitz are implicated. Court documents claim that Prince Andrew lobbied US government for a 'favourable' Epstein plea deal. It’s the tip of a very large iceberg.

Bill Clinton is also implicated (no surprise). Twelve-year-old girls were allegedly flown in from France, ‘because they’re really poor over there’. Virginia Guiffre (Roberts) further alleges that she was trafficked to Glen Dubinn, Stephen Kaufmann, Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew at the direction of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Rumours that Trump was also involved are dispelled by Virginia Guiffre. Trump’s name does not appear on the ‘Lolita’ flight logs. According to court documents, Jeffrey Epstein turned Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago into another of his hunting grounds for young girls, leading Trump to bar him from the Florida resort. Bradley Edwards, lawyer to the female plaintiffs against Jeffrey Epstein, states that back in 2009, when he was serving a number of subpoenas on ‘very connected people’, Trump was the only one who offered unlimited help. This week Donald Trump signed over $35 million to aid human trafficking victims, indicating the scale of the problem in America.

In the cesspool of Hollywood, the writing is on the wall. John Paul Rice, an independent Hollywood film producer of "A Childs Voice" movie on human and child trafficking, speaks out. Former ‘adult star’ Jenna Jameson says that Hollywood “is run by pedophiles who ‘sacrifice and torture children’. As for award-winning cartoon Ricky and Morty, look away now.

As its demonic tentacles are brought to light for all to see and torn out, expect the Cabal to throw everything including the kitchen sink at our world in general, and Donald Trump in particular. Trump just announced that he’s up against rich and powerful forces who don’t like what he’s doing, and that “you might not see me for a while”. Looks like Showtime.

This week has seen numerous fires and explosions suddenly occurring around the world for hitherto undisclosed reasons, which has the effect of bending the news cycle away from inconvenient disclosures that hurt the Deep State. Digital warriors are currently digging to discover what’s been destroyed or covered up. The Cabal-controlled mainstream media has no choice but to do as it’s told and report – they have their orders. They will continue to malign the ‘white hats’ and cover up some of the worst crimes in human history until their own power too is broken for all to see.

More next week. In the meantime you’re safe, but stick on your tin hat!











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