The Cabal’s war to scare world populations into accepting a Communist New World Order under cover of a fake global pandemic intensifies with some fascinating new turns. The original COVID scamdemic floundered because the regular flu season failed to come up with the required death count. So this last week has witnessed a veritable cornucopia of new developments, possibilities and further criminal fraud. Oh, and we now know that COVID, and ‘pandemics’ in general, formed part of a planned authoritarian takeover that’s followed a detailed Rockefeller Foundation feasibility study script, published in 2010. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile the sheep still bleat around our villages, towns and cities, fearfully steeped in the CULT OF COVID, masks on, frightened of any threat of human contact. With Facebook censoring ‘undesirable’ content, along with Twitter, YouTube and other social media, these ones slavishly follow everything the BBC and newspapers tell them, believing anything else to be a conspiracy theory. The Cabal calls it Operation Mockingbird.

London’s erected DO NOT POO IN THE STREET notices around Westminster since the ‘killer virus’ shut down all the local loos and people are being caught – well, short. Exasperated citizens try to jerk their friends and family out of their brainwashing, showing them the lies, lies, and damned lies pedalled by our politicians. British thought police have now taken to knocking on doors if someone reports a Facebook post that upsets the global criminal narrative.

And as China-inspired Communists go, there’s no-one you can trust more than Daniel Andrews, the Führer of Victoria, Australia, to go ‘Full New World Order’. There will be no return to ‘normal’, Andrews says, until Every Victorian has been given the vaccine! In fact, ALL Melbourne is back under medical ‘martial law’ for SIX WEEKS as Andrews re-imposes strict rules in a ‘desperate bid’ to stop 'thousands and thousands' of COVID cases and deaths (which naturally don’t materialise). Borders shut down. Tower blocks surrounded by police preventing anyone leaving or delivering supplies to the incarcerated. You know what they say about power. And a squirrel is just a rat with good public relations.

Yes, the COVID scam continues to fall apart to the consternation of the evil ones.

The Trump administration formally withdraws America from the corrupt World Health Organization, whose Director General is ex-Ethiopian Communist terrorist, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has been wrong at every turn. The Texas Lieutenant Governor says he's done listening to WHO stooge, Anthony Fauci too: 'He doesn't know what he's talking about'.

You’ve only just figured that out?

Top scientists have been busy demolishing COVID. “No-one has died from COVID-19” – that from the president of the Bulgarian Pathology Association. COVID science is horribly distorted, by Dr Malcolm Kendrick. A Surrey UK NHS consultant speaks out on condition of anonymity. German virologist Dr Stefan Lanka provides evidence that scientific proof of the existence of a specific, unique, COVID-19 virus causing all the mayhem is zero, therefore any death rates are not applicable as being ‘COVID’ caused, and the tests are invalid. Yet more on the fraud about how they are counting ‘cases’ to expand the scamdemic. Bewildered US Senator Dr Scott Jensen finds himself investigated for betraying the medical brotherhood by speaking out. Dr Vernon Coleman wants to know who’s really pulling the strings here.

Jerry Doherty wants the sheep to WAKE UP. Investigative researcher, the Amazing Polly, shows how the world population is being not so subtly TORTURED, according to the actual torture playbook. Of course, we’re free to break out in mass numbers and shut this nonsense down at any time, but for our crippling Stockholm Syndrome, hammered into us over a 100-day period of enforced house arrest, which now sees many too terrified to venture from their homes, while creepily clapping the NHS who withheld their operation, and fully supporting the media and politicians doing the torturing.

In the cocooned cult of COVID, basic common sense eludes. People snitch on their heretical neighbours using hotlines. Scream at you when you reason, “If the masks work, why the six feet? If the six feet works, why the masks? If both work, why the lockdown?”

As for testing, evidence emerges that COVID-19 PCR tests are not only scientifically meaningless, they seem suspiciously able to throw up positives, even when tested on papayas and goats, or found to be pre-contaminated. Technically, everyone can test positive with PCR. This fraud has been employed to lock down Leicester and other cities worldwide again ‘for the greater good’, amid frantic attempts to usher in a Second Wave to cover for the attempted statue-bashing racist/Marxist coup d’état of the nation states which has failed.

What a spectacle. There goes Columbus, hurled into Baltimore Harbour, while virtue-signalling sports personalities take the knee to renounce their DISGUSTING white privilege. For everyone else, it’s “this is your future, Baby!” BLM protests and liberal Democrat mayors turn New York, Seattle, LA and Minneapolis into no-go zones as murders skyrocket, shops are looted and millions of middle-class residents flee. On the bright side, even the sheeple are jerking awake at what a future Socialist/Communist world might look like, and they suddenly DON’T LIKE IT.

Fear not. Summer is here, and 600,000 indictments are being processed by the Trump administration as we speak, while the real evil is brought to the surface for us all to see and be dismayed together. We’ve been promised it’s going to be Biblical, and won’t you know it, in COMPLETELY UNCONNECTED other news, the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, pimp to the rich and soon to be infamous, has the global NWO ‘elites’ scrambling for their private jets as the Internet hive mind gets busy sleuthing Ghislaine and her fellow demonic pedos. The storm is here and the guilty are in very high places. Huge names. Household names. Time will tell just who’s connected to whom here.

Vaccine tsar Bill Gates refuses to explain why he went on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘Lolita Express’ plane four years AFTER Epstein was released from a suspiciously light prison sentence. Even American mainstream TV does a feature. Oprah ‘steps away’ from her talk show. Ellen de Generes ‘steps away’ from her talk show. Piers Morgan ‘steps away’ from his talk show. Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby ‘step away’ from their talk show. Jimmy Kimmel ‘steps’ away from his talk show. All absolutely above board, I have no doubt.

More unsettling stories emerge of the real world we don’t want to see. The historic, withheld cures and the US doctor deaths. How one woman made millions in the past stealing and reselling children. An abandoned sound-proofed van is found, specially modified to abduct children. A British ex-Labour MP admits to a child sex offence. Romania dismantles third human trafficking ring in four days. An Ohio priest is indicted on charges of child pornography, child exploitation and juvenile sex trafficking. Planned Parenthood's organ-harvesting partner ABR admits under oath that "we do a dissection" of babies, harvesting organs even while they have beating hearts. In the market for foetal body parts, a baby’s brain can sell for $3,340. What have we become? What further horrors await?

The good news is that brave people saw this coming and decided to act. The following months will shock, but remember that things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered, and ‘we must hold each other tight and continue to pull back the veil’. Our forebears in World War 2 never flinched from confronting evil, and neither shall we in exterminating such wickedness from the world our children will inherit.

But what a strange war.

The general population doesn’t know what’s happening.

And it doesn’t even know it doesn’t know.

Unless we tell them.

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