The Cabal’s war to scare world populations into accepting a Communist New World Order under cover of a fake global pandemic has taken some major turns this past week. The original COVID scamdemic floundered because the regular flu season failed to come up with the required death count. So the Cabal introduced race riots and a widespread Marxist, statue-wrecking, renounce-your-white-privilege insurgency to keep everyone diverted, ‘taking the knee’ and virtue-signalling their blackness, while the chortling Cabal continued working on track and trace, digital health certificates, implantable chips, and everything else that goes along with their longstanding plan for your worst totalitarian nightmare.

But those plans are failing, so the bad guys are back to Plan A – the ‘Doomsday virus’ – and anything else they can toss in the mix in an attempt to dominate the narrative. How about…

A squirrel tests positive for bubonic plague in Colorado, yes really. There’s an outbreak of dengue fever in Southeast Asia ‘exploding’ amid the coronavirus fight. China (them again) reports a new unknown disease spreading across Kazakhstan deadlier than COVID-19. In my view, though, the Spook of the Week $100 Amazon Gift Voucher Award must go to California governor Gavin Newsom, who plans to release 18,000 inmates onto the streets of America for no other reason than to ‘stop the spread of COVID-19’.Oh, so they wouldn’t be needed for a fully armed insurrection part 2, then. I mean, that would be a conspiracy theory, right?

Further psychological twists have been introduced to confuse and frighten the sheep. Tell them masks must be worn to get takeaway coffee but you don’t have to wear them in pubs, though anyone who finds coverings 'distressing' doesn't have to bother. Next, tell ‘em police won’t be able to arrest or fine people for breaking government rules, though shop staff CAN call police if customers don’t wear masks.

Say what?

Of course, the whole point of the deliberate confusion is to get the public to police each other, which they already do in Snitchy Britain to magnificent effect with ‘Karen’ dob-in hotlines (apologies to Karens reading this), altercations in the streets, brawls and shootings in some countries, and the inevitable family fallouts. Vernon Coleman sums up the ‘divide and conquer’ perfectly. Your body and mind aren't enoughthe Cabal wants your soul and unswerving allegiance.

Bah! If the Cabal told you the virus only attacks you if you are more than three feet off the ground, how many millions do you think would spend the day crawling around on all fours? Hahahahaha!

So those creepy masks will be mandatory for UK shoppers from 24th July onwards (police can issue on the spot £100 fines… or can they?), all for your protection, of course, when the Cabal infiltrated institutions already told you they won’t work, even if there were ‘a virus’, and don’t get me started on that one. Or the ‘COVID deaths’.

What goes unquestioned by the sheep is how introducing mask-wearing five months after the start of a pandemic is any way different from wearing a condom to a baby shower. But if you’re a lamb with Stockholm Syndrome, you’ll not only DO AS YOU’RE TOLD, you’ll defend to the death with righteous fervour the very system that seeks to kill you, while the Cabal laughs at you and thinks up more ruses. Like….you must wear your mask at home too! They call it Duper’s Delight. Humiliate the sheep in plain sight. Hahahahaha! Funnier than Hell.

Government says, “Stay at home!”, so you stay at home. Government says “Shut down your business!”, so you shut down your business. Government says, “Get in the boxcar”, so you get in the boxcar. If you ever wonder how regular people stood by and watched Germany descend into Nazism, you're living it. Perhaps what you didn’t know? It’s the same Cabal as before. The same plan.

Of course, the real reason for compelling you to wear a piece of medically irrelevant rag across your mouth and nose has nothing to do with “Stay safe!” it’s to ramp up your fear. It's about compliance. Mask-wearing is emblematic of you no longer having a voice. It’s a spell. The Cabal love casting spells. You know, “New Normal.” “In This Together.” “Stay at Home, Save Lives!” “Flatten the Curve.” “Social Distancing.” “Essential Workers.” “Stay Safe!”

If all you consult for your news is the BBC, ABC, CNN, Daily Mail, Guardian, Telegraph or other mainstream media, you’re being hexed daily, and you’re probably now so inured to the emotional violence, you’ve swallowed their quackery as science with nary a blink. In your ocean of fear, it’s all you have to cling to. All the proof in the world won’t convince someone who isn’t listening. Not the fake COVID case counting. Not why, if the virus is so lethal, there are no BIOHAZARD disposal bins for your masks and gloves on every street corner. Whoops. Not that, this virus is so lethal, you don’t even know you have it until you’re scared into taking the fake test. Yup, where they insert a swab up your nose and ram it to the back of your head, for no reason other than that they can. You dare not ask why they don’t swab the inside of your ‘highly infected mouth’, because they’re the scientists and you’d be an idiot for asking.

Strewth, you never even questioned that hideous Thursday evening clapping ritual of the National Health Service – another spell – you know, those rainbows in windows, applauding the same people who cancelled your operation, deprived you of other essential care, doubled prescriptions of the Grim Reaper midazolam, promoted vaccines that maimed thousands, and who long since made pharmaceutical drug addicts out of 50% of you over-65s. No mention of any measures you could take for yourselves which work beyond compare.

Now the sheep await the ‘promising’ and ‘safe’ Moderna vaccine. Oh, dear … Or the Johnson and Johnson one - you know, the same company convicted of lying about the safety of its products every year for the past twenty years. But… but… but… All right-thinking people believe vaccines are the answer, right?

As the old saying goes: There are two types of people in this world: People who think the government is looking out for their best interests… and people who think.

It’s all about seeing how far they can push you before you push back. Well, the pushback’s begun in earnest, and if you don’t want little Jimmy stamping on your grave bawling, “Why didn’t you fight for my future?”, you’d better join the Resistance now. Simon Dolan has verified the official NHS COVID staff guidance: "Shut up or you don't get paid." US doctor and senator Dr Scott Jensen is outraged. More and more scientists, thousands of doctors, activists, and members of the public are speaking out about the global COVID scam. Are you? Remember, compliance equals consent. It always did.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and the ‘White Hat’ patriots worldwide are exposing the hideous Satanic underbelly of the Cabal. There is a current, desperate attempt by the guilty to rebrand their paedophile activity as ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’, seeking the same protection as ‘LGBTQ’, even as the Wayfair child trafficking scandal breaks. Trump knows the truth about the lot of them, and has all the goods on everyone, and he has also been deeply involved in shutting down the horrendous problems of bodyparts for sale and child trafficking, which go right to the hearts of politicians, Hollywood, island-owning billionaires, elites and millions of members of the public around the world. Think that’s nuts?

Bill Gates refuses to explain why he went on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious ‘Lolita Express’ plane four years AFTER Epstein was released from prison. It wasn't for the sun and sand. What’s the connection between these two? Not heard a peep out of Billy Clinton either, who went to Little St James Island 26 TIMES, according to the Lolita flight logs.

Hollywood’s completely freaking out, and well they should. Ricky Gervais had the drop on them in his hilarious opening address at the 77th Golden Globe Awards. One researcher has compiled a hi resolution map of who might be connected to whom in the pitiful Hollywood paedophile outrage. Steal yourself, people. Big names are going down - some of your favourites. Elsewhere, the hunters have now become the hunted. Investigations are ongoing everywhere. Here. Here. Here in the UK. Here in Australia.

Meanwhile, a sizeable chunk of the world population still believes Donald Trump is an effing moron because the Cabal-controlled media says so. Trump’s election as president of the most powerful nation on Earth still baffles many, but it shouldn’t. He’s a businessman, always has been, and it helps to have a proper businessman run a country. People don’t get that. And while Donald J Trump might not be your first choice to invite around for afternoon tea with the vicar, people should be smart enough to work out what millions, of people see in him. There’s a Bible saying that you shall know them by their fruits. So what has President Trump actually done for America since he became president?


The significance to the rest of the world of what is currently unfolding in America is this: There is an expectation among researchers that as the Deep State is exposed and taken down in the United States, the effects will quickly ripple out to provide relief around the world. But we could be in for a rough few months ahead, especially for those already ‘in the ‘know’. Hang in there. The world must be graphically shown just how extensive this darkness has become, and what needs to be done for future generations to prevent the nightmare world the Cabal had planned for you.

If people are to be shown the true nature of what their favourite Hollywood icon, actor, singer, politician or media personality has been up to, this has to be done carefully and according to law. A great awakening is underway. On the bright side, what we may be witnessing in the months to come could be an end to the scandals you’ve seen me report on for decades: the withheld cures, the medical injustices, the Pharma monopoly, the abuse of the elderly, the millions of needless deaths, all the misery. But I don’t wear rose-tinted glasses. We shall see how it unfolds.

But the public needs to wake up, and that may be you. People will get mad at us for taking a stand and speaking the truth, because the truth always divides, and truth is treason in the empire of lies. The simple fact is, your government lied to you, collapsed your economy, shut down your business with fake virus models and statistics, and kept your kids away from their friends and school. When you keep people in a constant state of fear, and force them to give up their liberties, that’s called terrorism, and it has a face on your TV every night. The true numbers of those of us who have died from loneliness, depression, suicide, murder and medical neglect will probably never be known.

Soon the world will know the truth.

And you'd better buckle up for that ride.









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