Part 1 (Read Part 2 Here)


by Phillip Day

Before we get going, I’d like to extend a special thanks to the dozens of researchers and my Credence team who continue to submit content aimed at providing a much broader political and societal picture of the COVID hoax. Credence’s 18,400-member Facebook group also continues to do a great job of bringing in new information and intelligence daily on the continuing dramas playing out on the world stage.

So what is this all about?

In the month of February your world abruptly changed. You found yourself in a condition called ‘lockdown’ – an eerie phenomenon that was rolled out with curious uniformity across almost all nations. And the reason given for placing the world under effective house arrest? Governments via the mainstream media told everyone that ‘a killer virus’ was on the loose, and we had to stay indoors, close down our businesses, and not even visit family, relatives and friends nearby for fear of catching the deadly bug and overstretching the health services.

We now know this to be completely and utterly false. Criminally false. COVID has now been revealed to be a cover for a covert war that has now broken out into the open. The many perpetrators of this destructive hoax – collectively we’ll call them ‘The Cabal’ - were being exposed anyway, and have been forced into breaking into the open to make their bid for a New World Order.

Sounds like the bad plot of a James Bond movie. Actually more Austin Powers when you find out who’s involved. But these people are deadly serious and now fighting for their lives like cornered rats, so it will continue to affect all of us until the job is done.

Let me break this down a little more.

Firstly there’s the wildly inaccurate infection- and spread- modelling by Neil Ferguson, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Matt Hancock, Sir Patrick Vallance, Imperial College, WHO, etc, which proved to be utterly false. We now know this ‘bug’ was not anywhere close to being as contagious as first reported. Not even as dangerous as a bad flu season.

In fact, it’s looking suspiciously like the Cabal merely hijacked the regular flu season with lots of cameras and corrupt media to spook the populations into believing in the idea of a pandemic. Exactly the same playbook has been used to scare the world that was employed with ‘AIDS’, as I cover in detail in the book I co-wrote with Steven Ransom, The Truth About HIV,

The huge COVID death toll never materialised, yet the social and economic cost to the world has been devastating: Economies crashed, millions of businesses wiped out, suicides, depression and domestic violence during the lockdowns, patients not receiving valid treatments, some police forces reinventing themselves as drone-flying Stasi clones. 81% of Minnesota ‘COVID-19’ deaths occurred in nursing homes, where flu patients were deliberately put with the elderly. Even after the scandal broke, facilities were still allowed to admit positive patients.

And what of the latent fear and anxiety all this has caused, visible every day on the streets near your home. Those creepy Stepford neighbours of yours sneaking around your neighbourhood wearing masks, ready to use those 1-800 numbers to snitch on the elderly too frightened to peek out of drawn curtains.

Many death certs have been fraudulently filled out to ramp up the death-rate. Death by coronavirus? Don’t believe a word. Italy Says 96% of virus fatalities suffered from other illnesses, just as we find in a regular flu season.

Victim totals are relentlessly reported it to a fearful public on a daily basis, even when the cause of death is different from ‘death by coronavirus’. Government officials lied to your face. How do you feel about that?

How about testing procedures for CoVid-19? Inaccurate false positives don’t reveal the presence of the virus. Then we’re told, even if you’ve developed antibodies to the disease, that doesn’t mean you won’t get re-infected? Antibody tests are useless since antibodies are keys that fit many locks. Do your research on polymerase chain reaction (PCR). You can, with PCR tests, get any result you want, fabricate any pandemic you want, and be sure to double-count the positives.

People are dying from the flu, as they always do during flu season (every death a tragedy for the families and friends concerned). See here, here, here and here. CoVid death-rates in most countries are on a par with those of previous ‘regular’ flu seasons. For instance, according to the British government, 28,330 people died from complications of flu in England alone in 2014/15. The average flu season death rate for the UK is around 17,000.

Some people are dying from a hypoxia-type condition unrelated to flu or pneumonia. Their deaths are being registered as caused by COVID virus.

The global governmental response to the ‘pandemic’ is suspiciously well co-ordinated, and involves harsh retaliatory measures in some countries for those who break lockdown. Most of the population is now so inured to media propaganda, they’ll gobble down just about anything they’re fed, but that is now rapidly changing.

Bill “We shoot them right into kids’ veins!” Gates, is the No.1 global promoter of one-size-fits-all vaccines for all 7.8 billion people on the planet. Cabal insider Bill Gates was the second largest contributor of funds to the World Health Organisation (WHO) which pushes Gates’ agenda, until America, the largest contributor to the WHO budget, suspended payments due to corruption before quitting the organisation altogether. Trump is urging Boris and others to do likewise.

Cabal controlled mainstream media has been subjecting world populations to a coordinated, undiluted flood of virus doom and gloom, and labelling everything that does not conform to official dogma ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘fake news’. Social media posts are now being censored and deleted if they do not conform to official dogma. This shows the media giants are panicking. I’ll leave you to make up your own mind about what’s fake around here.

The unified media message is “The only way back to a normal life will be to take the life-saving vaccine when it appears, maintain social distancing more or less indefinitely, and do everything we tell you.” A recent study revealed that trust in the UK mainstream media is now at an all-time low.

This is good news. It means we are winning. We are now the news.

And we have some unexpected allies.

Next week, we’ll look at the wider picture of what’s going on.