The Cabal’s war to scare world populations into accepting a Communist global New World Order (the “New Normal”) under cover of a fake global COVID pandemic has hit the skids this week due to the commencement of major ‘white hat’ attacks against Deep State infrastructure. More about these in a minute.


THE MASK DEBATE (don’t say that quickly)
People are waking up by the million. Mask edicts are being widely ignored. The Dutch government won’t advise public to wear masks. A lady shopping in Waitrose - a UK supermarket which stated last week it won’t enforce the nappy directive - notes that none of the staff wear masks (but all the customers do), yet she was still questioned by staff! As an exhibition of bare-faced cheek and rebellion, a naked man struts along busy Oxford Street wearing nothing but a G-string made out of a FACE MASK (look away now, girls).


The New Normal. A world wherein the general population doesn’t know what’s happening. And it doesn’t know that it doesn’t know.

A world wherein people will get mad at you for speaking the truth, rather than getting mad at the criminals who lied and betrayed you.

Of course, the past five months was never about any virus. It’s been a Cabal beta test to see how far they can push you before you start pushing back.

I’m pleased to announce the huge public pushback has commenced. Let’s start with masks. Here’s a 2-minute video showing just how 'effective' face-coverings are. Common sense tells you a mask restricts breathing and your uptake of oxygen, as well as pools expelled carbon dioxide. “No it doesn’t!” wail those glued to the BBC. Well, if masks don’t obstruct your breathing, why are there mandate exceptions to wearing them specifically for people with breathing difficulties?

Or, as one crude meme doing the rounds puts it: If breaking wind can get past two bottom cheeks, your underpants and a pair of jeans, what the heck makes you think a flimsy piece of fabric will keep out a microscopic virus ‘so lethal’, those we elected to watch over us collectively DESTROYED THE WORLD’S ECONOMIES AND YOUR JOB BECAUSE OF IT?

Dr Vernon Coleman thinks the zombies among us are the most dangerous, since they enforce their masters’ bidding on their fellow citizens with the finality of the fervent.

A woman MACES a couple picnicking at a California dog park because 'they weren’t wearing face masks while eating lunch'.

US passengers break into applause when a woman who refuses to wear a face mask is kicked off an American Airlines flight.

These are your family members and mine behaving this way. They don’t care that wearing masks is not a law, so there’s no point explaining. These sheep are so inured, so dependent on the system of Cabal brainwashing, that if Boris stated an Elon Musk satellite would fly over Britain at 9:30 tonight to take everyone’s temperature, and that everyone should stand naked outside their front doors with their passports held open towards the sky, millions would obey without question. After which they would then dob you in to the nearest police station or COVID-19 Compliance Officer for laughing like a drain at them.

Don’t believe me?

Over a million people today wore a mask to buy cigarettes. Let that sink in.

We’ve been here before, 100 years ago. Check this out.

Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Order of the Illuminati: “O Mortal man! Is there anything you cannot be made to believe?”

Yes, Adam, THE TRUTH. The pill that everyone wants but can’t seem to swallow.

This week has seen the Deep State panic as major attacks by the ‘white hats’ have been unleashed simultaneously:

A group of frontline doctors stands on the US Capitol steps to hold a press conference on COVID. “There is a cure: it’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin and zinc sulphate! We’ve treated hundreds! None lost!” Gotta love the choice of that feisty Nigerian woman doctor to front the event. Translation? Bill Gates’s $20 billion virus now has a $20 cure, no untested GMO vaccine needed, and we’ve not even mentioned vitamins D and C and what you can do to boost your own immune system.

Next, Donald Trump signs four executive orders dramatically lowering the price of prescription drugs to the American people for the first time in 51 years, chopping the legs of Pharma profit margins.

Next, top doctor Peter Gøtzsche publicly exposes Big Pharma as organized crime.

Next, a Nobel Laureate for science states of the COVID-19 lockdown: “The level of stupidity going on here is amazing.”

As the booms sound off, the mainstream media crashes around the airwaves like a Grizzly on steroids trying to regain the narrative. “Harmful COVID lies spread easily due to lack of UK law!” shrieks the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is somehow better qualified than frontline doctors to speak on the subject.

In a mammoth session of Bash the Frog, social media giants have swung into action. But as fast as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and Instagram rip down the doctors’ strident voices, they pop up elsewhere on non-censored channels.

Twitter bans many of the posting culprits – some 7,000 QAnon ‘white hat’ accounts, and limits 150,000 more as part of crackdown on anti-Cabal/COVID rhetoric. The Twitter accounts of Donald Trump Jr and federal attorney Sydney Powell are suspended as global censorship is executed with Godzilla finesse. The Marxist agendas of the Cabal’s Big Tech social media are thus hoisted into the spotlight for all to see and be dismayed at together.

The timing of these attacks could not be more disastrous for the Cabal. The very next day, the heads of these same social media organisations are compelled to appear before a Congressional anti-trust hearing to be flayed alive with charges of censorship - a meddling which could have major implications for the forthcoming election.

The Deep State can see its power drain away after 250 years if it doesn’t ramp up more terror and diversions. So now we get a comic reintroduction of the Harry and Meghan saga juxtaposed with the grandstanding libel case of those Hollywood pugilists Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, all the while Boris is ordered to warn Britain the long awaited Second COVID Wave is on its way via Germany. 600,000 holidaymakers are summarily jerked back from Spain and ordered into a ridiculous two-week quarantine, during which the sheep among them will no doubt be furiously glued to the Internet and red-pilled into the truth.

You can’t tell sheep. They have to see it for themselves and be stirred out of their apathy.

In the Cabal’s desperation, there’s no statement too mad, no fear-porn too bonkers. GLOVES could be next for you to wear. Dr Anthony Fauci favours the public wearing of goggles to achieve that perfect protection. A US county orders that masks must now be worn inside homes. From midnight Sunday, masks and face coverings will be mandatory across regional areas of the Chinese Communist Republic of Victoria, Australia, even though premier Dan Andrews previously remarked that the public prowling around with a mask on “is a waste of a mask.”

As for New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian, I have no idea what she’s been smoking. Feel free to leave an appropriate comment on her Facebook page if the fancy grabs you.

The superbly named Cressida Dick, London’s Metropolitan Police chief, shrills "People who are not complying (with face nappies) will be shamed into complying, or shamed to leave the store by the store keepers or other members of the public." In other words, “Public! You vill police yourselves!” A tactic straight out of 1930s Germany, but actually fomented years earlier in the Marxist playbook.

My message to London’s police chief? Cressida, don’t be a Dick. When it comes to mask debating, some of us won’t be shamed.

More soberly, Whitty and Vallance now maintain that the British lockdown was probably unnecessary – a national house-arrest psyop the government states may end up costing 200,000 lives, and probably double that in broken marriages, relationships and bankruptcies.

This would be the same government now panicking as the fraudulent COVID death count is officially revealed to be wildly exaggerated.

The same government which launched an 'eat out to help out' 50% discount scheme for citizens two weeks ago with Burger King, McDonald's and Pizza Hut, then this week announced a crackdown on obesity.

But the attacks on the Deep State have only just begun.

For the many now ‘in the know’, only America holds the key and has the resources to defeat the Cabal worldwide and return freedom to the nations. Will this happen, or are we doomed to be thrust inexorably into a Marxist dystopian future?

The news looks good but it all hangs on November 3. The Cabal-dominated Democrats know that if they lose the election again to Donald Trump in three months’ time, it’s game over. Many in their ranks will be checking in to Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) on charges of sedition and treason, and not just because of the Russian collusion hoax spearheaded by Obama and the Clintons.

This Friday morning as I write this, Cabal foot-soldiers continue to be taken down by the Feds, and yet another major ‘white hat’ attack is unleashed. This one’s a major boom: A US Court unseals the Maxwell documents which reveal that Bill Clinton allegedly went to Epstein’s island multiple times. The Epstein flight logs are also showcased, which reveal other leading Cabal figures and half of Hollywood were in attendance over the years on ‘Pedophile Island’.

This is now public information, you can download the lot here and see for yourself. It’s the tip of a very large iceberg. The global paedophilia scandal, long ridiculed by media giants who are themselves complicit, is set to roll and roll, with mainstream articles already appearing. If there is one thing guaranteed to red-pill the sheep and unite all right-minded citizens in outrage no matter their beliefs or political persuasions, it’s “My God! You absolutely DON’T DO THAT to babies and children!”

When ordinary citizens are shown indisputable proof of the extent to which this evil has been permitted to flourish in our world, from local communities right up to the highest offices in the nations, the backlash will be seismic. Soon the world will understand why Donald Trump has tripled the size of the Guantanamo Bay secure facility, and reinstituted the federal death penalty for treason and crimes against humanity.

What can I say? Buckle up for the next few weeks. As I wrote last Friday, it’s going to be a hot August. Watch out for enemy retaliation (‘false flags’) as the Cabal desperately tries to manoeuvre out from under a reckoning that now can no longer be stopped, and has been a long time coming.

It’s going to be Biblical.










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